Convenient Care for Your Four-Legged Friend

Are you the owner of a dog or cat and know how difficult it is to leave it behind when going somewhere?

Maybe you’re someone without a pet, but would like to look after one now and then?

Join our network!

 Snudeservice mediates the looking after of pets in private homes.

Our aim is to help you find somewhere where your pet is cared for with love and respect.


Snudeservice helps you find the right places!

Through our work at Artemis Vet clinic and Snudekomagniet Dog Training, we are often asked, if we know of a good places in which a pet can be looked after – for both shorter and longer periods.

Therefore we would like to use our network to assist in bringing together those people that share the same principles of love and respect of animals as Artemis and Snudekompagniet.

We are hoping that YOU will also take part in this. We hope that the network will grow, and that everyone will be able to find fantastic care for their pets or be able to enjoy the pleasure of looking after an animal!

Would you like to join?

As already mentioned, it is of utmost importance for us that our network consists of people that share our basic principles. Therefore ,you have to go through an approval procedure.

You will need to take a little time to fill in our form, which gives us information on your pet, or on the home you will be offering to another animal.

You will find the form here!

At the same time you will also need to apply to be a member of the Facebook group ’Snudeservice’.


We will read your application and, if approved, you will become a member of our group.

You will find the Facebook group ‘Snudeservice’ here!


How you find or become a pet sitter!

Once you are in the group, it’s up to you to contact the other members of the group.

You will need to state if you are looking to find a pet sitter or if you are willing to offer your sitting services.

Once you have recorded your wishes, it’s up to the others to get in contact with you.

You will need to arrange the practicalities of the care and ensure that all relevant details, such as insurance, have been agreed.

Being a host family is an obvious choice for those who have a pet that enjoys the company of other animals – your pet might enjoy the camaraderie of having a visitor to stay.

Hosting someone else’s pet may also be a good choice for those that don’t have an pet, but miss the companianship an animal offers.

 At your own risk!

We will do our utmost to ensure that that only the right people are in the group, but obviously we can’t give a 100% guarantee.

We are not able to take responsibility for the individual arrangements, and therefore taking part in the scheme is at your own risk.

We sincerely hope that you get a lot out of our scheme!